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December 3, 2011
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Liechtenstein raced down the stairs, almost falling over her own feet. It was Christmas morning! Her brother threw a party for Christmas, as he did every year, so Liechtenstein just stayed at his house beforehand. She sat down in the kitchen and waited for him eagerly. She decided it would be best to surprise him with some hot chocolate.

As Switzerland came down the stairs, Liechtenstein raced to him, the chocolate in her hand. She passed it to him, and he took it with a thankful smile. He sipped it, sitting down. "I'll finish this, then we can see what's under the tree, okay?" Switzerland murmured sleepily in his strong Swiss accent.

Liechtenstein smiled. "Alright brother," She said happily. She skipped off to tie her ribbon into her hair and prepare herself.

A few minutes later, Lily came back. "Ready brother?" She asked politely, blinking innocently. She twisted her fingers together behind her back eagerly.

Switzerland nodded, placing his empty hot coco mug into the sink. He followed his giddy little sister into the living room, where the decorated green pine was standing.

The doorbell rang. Switzerland stood, heading to the door. "You wait there…" He murmured to Liechtenstein.

Finland, Sweden, and the rest of the Nordics where at the door. Finland was dressed as Santa and weighed down with a large sack full of gifts. He smiled weakly at Switzerland. "Hey, can we come in…?"

Switzerland smiled a bit back. "Come in," He moved aside to allow the Nordics inside. He watched them head towards the living room.

"FINNYYYY!" Liechtenstein exclaimed, getting up and running to hug Finland around his waist after he placed the gifts he had brought for everyone under the tree.

Finland chuckled. "Liechtenstein!" He hugged her back, not taking notice of Sweden's faint smiled.

Switzerland chuckled. He heard another knock at the door, and opened it to find Canada with a large, heavy looking box, along with a bag full of other gifts.

Canada was heaving. "I'm… Here…." He heaved. "C-Can you… Help me with this?" He asked Switzerland, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He looked completely exhausted.

As Switzerland nodded, Russia came up behind Canada. "I'll help you, da." He murmured, lifting the large gift with ease. It was nearly the size of the small Swiss man standing at the door.

Swizterland looked a bit puzzled. "Who's that for, anyways?" He asked, but got no response. He shrugged and answered the door for England, who was the next one inside.

Liechtenstein looked around. She thought everyone had arrived.. But America was missing! She wondered where he could be.

Switzerland was smiling; for once. He had a Santa hat on that Ukraine had placed on his head. He was sitting especially close to Ukraine; they looked happy with each other.

Hungary was sitting on Austria's lap, grinning. Austria had his hands around her waist. After being married to her once, then divorcing, they had gotten back together. They seemed like a good couple.

Liechtenstein watched Canada as he unwrapped a gift from Russia. Russia was sitting at Canada's shoulder, watching him intently.

Canada blushed. A pretty red-and-white striped scarf was in the package, one similar to Russia's scarf. Canada put it on, grinning and blushing crimson.  He hugged the large Russian, laughing happily.

Russia hugged him back, and Switzerland picked the next gift he wanted to pass out. "To America, from Liechtenstein.." He faltered. "Where's America?" He asked, looking around.

Everyone looked confused, searching the crowd for the American. No one could seem to find him.

Switzerland shrugged. "Let's just put it over there…" He sat the gift down over behind him on the couch. The white fluff from the end of the Santa hat bobbed in his face, and Ukraine reached up and fixed it. Swizterland chuckled as he was passed a gift.

Liechtenstein sat back. There was one more gift under the tree, the huge one that Canada had dragged in. Russia read the tag, and pushed it towards Liechtenstein. "From America, to Liechtenstein."

Liechtenstein looked a tad confused. "But America's not here…" She stuttered, confused.

Canada shrugged. "America told me to bring it to you… He seemed pretty intent on getting this to you."

Liechtenstein shrugged and stood up. Yes, the gift was so large that the tiny girl had to stand to reach it. "This is large.." She murmured quietly. It was wrapped in red paper with tiny white and blue stars. Liechtenstein carefully made a tiny slit down the paper, then started tearing it. She revealed a large brown box, and gulped, a bit nervous. This box was bigger than she was!

Liechtenstein cut the tape and opened the box. She gasped and stepped back a bit as something that she least expected was found in the box.

America rose from the box. He was shirtless, but wore black pants and a red Santa hat. "MERRY CHRISTMAS, LIECHTENSTEIN!" He exclaimed. Then he reached for her hand and took it, stepping out of the box.

Liechtenstein looked a bit scared. Everyone watched them, not missing a single thing.

America bent down on one knee. "Like, for real, will you love me?" He looked up at her, waiting for a response.

Liechtenstein froze. Everyone's eyes where on them; she was scared to respond. "Y-Yes.." She breathed.

America stood, and scooped her right off her feet, sitting down on the floor. "Ha ha! You guys actually thought I would miss this great of a party, and this great of a girl!?"

Switzerland was glaring at America as if he was saying, 'You be good with my sister.'

Liechtenstein was completely stiff and scared. "E-Eh…" She didn't understand what was going on at the moment.

All the nations around them where smiling brightly, with the exception of Sweden and Switzerland.

Finland reached over America's head with some mistletoe, giving Liechtenstein an innocent smile. "Go on." He urged America.

"Huh?" America looked up at Finland, then released what was happening with a smirk. "Alright," He pulled Liechtenstein into a sitting position on his lap, and locked lips with her.

Liechtenstein's body went stiff with pleasure. She shuddered as she was kissed. She felt happy.

After what seemed like hours, America pulled away. Everyone was watching on with happiness, especially Finland, who was still dangling the mistletoe over America and Liechtenstein's heads. Switzerland had a tight grip on his new gun, and Ukraine was smiling happily. England looked a bit unhappy, as he if was wishing he had thought of the idea that America had. Belarus was clutching onto Russia's arm, looking a little ticked off, since Russia had Canada sitting on his knee and leaning against his chest. France was right up next to the new couple, almost drooling and nose bleeding all over them.

Switzerland sighed. "Alright… I approve." He flashed a tiny smile at Ukraine, who had taken his hand and was playing with his fingers.

Nations congratulated Liechtenstein and America with clapping, cheering, and pats on the back. Liechtenstein leaned back against America in comfort, sighing happily as his arms where wrapped around her.

"Do you love me?" America asked. Others where getting up and heading to the kitchen to get some dinner. America was holding Liechtenstein down with him, waiting for an answer before letting her up to let her get dinner.

Liechtenstein hesitated. "Y-Yes…" She breathed. She grabbed America's hand- No, her America's hand, and nuzzled him lovingly.

America smiled. "I love you too."

Yay for my OTP
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lucarioizthebest Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
A-Dor-A-Ble. I've been trying to find more America x Liechtenstein pictures lately. I just can't seem to find any o.o' This was amazingly wrote! Love it!
xXxNightstarxXx Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
I have always loved them as a couple even though it is like, the most unrealistic thing ever
I just love them ;w;
They're so cute together.
lucarioizthebest Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
They are owo
I roleplay as Alfred sometimes and Lily is his girlfriends and it's just like..
"Why can I not ever find any pictures of this? Dx"
xXxNightstarxXx Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
Solution to your problems.
ThePastaAlchemist Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
This is so funny! I love it!!!
xXxNightstarxXx Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
ThePastaAlchemist Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
Im a writer my self, so I realy enjoyed it!
xXxNightstarxXx Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
Maybe I have made you support this pairing, da?
ThePastaAlchemist Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
I do like this pairing, but my fav Pairing with America is with Belarus. [link] thats the link to the my fanfic of America X Belarus. In my fanfic America is dressed up as Russia to make Belarus happy when the realy Russia diches her. While in Russia cosplay he takes her to the mall were a lot of crazy stuff happens. Its Cracktastic!!
xXxNightstarxXx Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
Mhmm, yes.
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